Time: 12pm-1pm, Wednesday, August 4
Place: Room A135 (BLENDER Lab), Science Building, Queens College/CUNY
Speaker: Dr. Javier Artiles (CUNY)
Title: Web People Search


In this talk I will present the problem of name ambiguity while searching for 
people on the Web. At the beginning of our work, in 2004, there were very few 
research papers on this topic, and no commercial web search engine would 
provide this type of facility. For this reason, our research methodology 
initially focused on the design and organisation (together with Prof. Sekine 
from New York University) of a competitive evaluation campaign for Web People 
Search systems. Once the campaign had been run for two years, we used the 
standard test suites built to perform our own empirical studies on the nature 
and challenges of the task. The evaluation campaign, WePS, was organized in 
2007 (as a SemEval 2007 task) and in 2009 (as a WWW 2009 workshop). WePS was 
crucial in the process to lay the foundations of a proper scientific study of 
the Web People Search problem. A third WePS campaign is under way (as a 
CLEF lab). WePS-3 has added new features to previous tasks as well as a new 
entity disambiguation task based on Twitter data.

Speaker's Bio:

Javier Artiles received his PhD in Computer Science from the UNED University 
in 2009 under the direction of Prof. Julio Gonzalo and Enrique Amigo. His 
research interests lie in natural language processing, especially information 
extraction and information retrieval. His current research is focused on Web 
People Search (WePS), document clustering and personal attribute extraction 
from web documents.