Title: Knowledge Extraction and Taxonomization from the Web
Speaker: Zornitsa Kozareva (USC Information Sciences Institute)
Time: 11am-12:15pm, May 9, Thursday
Place: Science Center, room 4102, CUNY Graduate Center. 5th Ave & 34th St.


Knowledge extraction and taxonomization have been of great interest to
the research community for a long time. With the development of
technologies like Siri and IBM Watson, we have realized that existing
knowledge bases are essential to make such applications work, but often
the knowledge present in existing repositories is insufficient. This
raised the question on how could one automatically build repositories
containing not only high-level information such as found in Wikipedia,
but also particular facts such as "Who appeared in a concert in the
Hollywood Bowl last night?" or "What causes tumors to shrink?". This is
a challenging problem, which was never solved despite many have worked
on it. This talk will discuss recent methods for information gathering,
sifting and organization that can rapidly, accurately and completely
cover any area of interest mining unstructured texts on the Web. More
concretely, the talk will cover topics on semantic class, instance and
relation learning; taxonomization; graph-based reranking and label
propagation. The talk will also touch upon natural language
applications, which use the extracted knowledge.

Short Bio:

Dr. Zornitsa Kozareva is a Research Assistant Professor at the
University of Southern California and a Research Scientist in the
Natural Language group at the Information Sciences Institute. She
received her PhD with Cum Laude from the University of Alicante, Spain.
Her research interests lie in Web-based knowledge acquisition, text
mining, lexical semantics, ontology population and multilingual
information extraction. Zornitsa has co-organized four SemEval
scientific challenges and workshops on topics like paraphrases,
sentiment analysis, causality detection and relation identification. She
was the leader of the team that won the answer validation challenge
(AVE-2006) for French and Italian, and a member of the team that won the
Spanish Geographic Information Retrieval (GeoClef-2006) challenge.