Time: 1:45pm-3pm, June 25, Tuesday
Place: 6496, on the 6th floor of CUNY Graduate Center (365 5th Ave, between 34str. & 

Speaker:  Chin-Yew Lin, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research Asia

Title:  Project Soul: Toward Social Big Data Analytics for Information 
Discovery and Recommendation

The growing amount of social media and user generated content on the web 
present us a unprecedented opportunity to learn which users are active and 
influential, what topics they are interested in, where they spend most of 
their time, when and how often they use social media and create contents, 
and why they engage in such online social interactions. In this talk, I 
will present Project Soul. Soul aims to extract and capture social 
dynamics manifested in user generated content by creating people 
repository and context repository which then can be linked to entity 
repository developed in Microsoft Research Asia Knowledge Service 
(MSRA.KS) to enable social data powered applications and services.

Chin-Yew Lin, Senior Researcher and Research Manager, Knowledge Mining 
Group, Microsoft Research Asia. Dr. Lin is a research manager of the 
Knowledge Mining group at Microsoft Research Asia. His research interests 
are knowledge mining, social computing, question answering, and automatic 
summarization. His team at MSRA is focusing on (1) developing a semantic 
computing framework for real world applications and services including 
automatic acquisition of semantic knowledge, machine reading for semantic 
indexing, and automatic understanding of user intents; and (2) developing 
social big data analytics platform and services - Project Soul. The goal 
is to enable rich and context-aware interactive client plus cloud 
computing applications powered by automatically distilled intelligent 
data. Dr. Lin developed automatic evaluation technologies for 
summarization, QA, and MT. In particular, he created the ROUGE automatic 
summarization evaluation package. It has become the de facto standard in 
summarization evaluations. ROUGE has been chosen as the official automatic 
evaluation package for Document Understanding Conference since 2004. 
Before joining Microsoft, he was a senior research scientist at the 
Information Sciences Institute at University of Southern California 
(USC/ISI) where he worked in the Natural Language Processing and Machine 
Translation group. He was the program co-chair of ACL 2012 and program 
co-chair of AAAI 2011 AI & the Web Special Track. He is a member of the 
Editorial Board of Computational Linguistics Journal and an Action Editor 
of the Transactions of the ACL.